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Complete solutions at the most affordable costs!
We have a payment option according to your customer profile!

Dator offers you the possibilities of using the SiS package without compromising:

Cloud Subscription Service
Cloud Subscription Service (Hosts)

Enjoy peace of mind by using SiS only when you need it! Avoid acquisition costs and server services: only a stable high-speed Internet connection is required!

Dator SiS offers a monthly or annual subscription at no additional charge for updates, technical support 7 days a week, 365 days a year, training webinars throughout the year, discounts on equipment and more! Monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription available.

Buying the Dator SiS system
Buying the Dator SiS system

No Internet connection required! Be totally independent and take advantage of the SiS maximum performance!

Dator SiS offers to acquire licenses at a competitive and affordable cost.
Take advantage of SiS without compromising!
Financing available.

Pay per Use
Pay per Use

You do not want to buy the SiS package or pay by recurring subscription?

Dator SiS has the perfect solution for you: pay to use all our modules at a minimal cost. No additional charges.

Point of Sale Equipment Rental
Point of Sale Equipment Rental

Dator SiS offers rental of point of sale equipment: ticket printer, card printer, wristband printer, admission control equipment, etc.

Rental by week, month or year available.