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Integrate RFID technology for efficient control of entries and exits and to manage access to lockers and doors!

Configure and manage doors, lockers, turnstiles, security lanes and automatic gates efficiently, within short or long range, using cards, key chains, bracelets, etc. Clients or vehicles can activate the mechanism by simply moving within the decoder’s range. Applications are numerous and can include such things as returning rental equipment without the need for any human intervention.



  • Management of POS RFID readers and encoders
  • Integration with all SiS modules in order to use the same RFID tool (bracelet, card, etc.) to add features such as preauthorized credit for purchases at ticket booth, restaurant, boutique, etc. Process automatic payments at the end of the day!
  • Integration with SiS Loyalty module to include rebates, tokens, points and other loyalty tools
  • Management of entries and exits
  • Management of equipment rentals (with client account) and automatic returns
  • Integration of RFID with tickets of all kinds, products, bracelets, stickers, key chains, hats, shoes, skis, etc.
  • Management of automatic gates with stickers or RFID cards for the entry and exit of vehicles
  • Management of inside/outside RFID readers with range going from 1cm to 12 meters.
  • Statistical report of entries and exits in client file
  • Customized access according to client, group, business, etc.
  • Automatic billing with each passage of client or vehicle, when configured

Technical specifications

  • USB port required
  • Windows XP pro or better
  • 2 GB RAM minimum (point of sale)
  • 8 GB RAM minimum (server or central system)
  • IIS 6.0 or better
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2003  or better (SiS supplies SQL Server 2008R2 Express Edition free of charge for establishments with less than 10 points of sale)

Interfaces available for this plugin

  • Point of sale
  • Mobile PC tablet
  • ATM kiosk