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Specialized spa and Health Center management

Spa management requires special attention. With SiS Spa and Health Center, you can manage all operations with ease to make sure clients receive the best therapeutic services available. Manage all your therapist schedules; control access to different baths or saunas and oversee the number of people in each given location. Also create personalized packages or menus and manage online or phone reservations.


  • Employee management (availability, schedule and pay)
  • Specialized service management
  • Management of fees and customized packages
  • Online, phone or onsite reservations (available with SiS Web 2)
  • Personalized membership cards (with or without pictures)
  • Electronic payment integration with Desjardins, Monéris, Global, Chase, etc.
  • Transfer to accounting software (ACCPAC, Acomba, etc.)
  • Management of entries and exits with tickets, gates, turnstiles and RFID
  • Customized menu creation
  • And more!

Our customers

  • Le Nordik Spa Nature
  • Hôtel et Spa Le Finlandais
  • Sibéria Station Spa

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